Outdoor Christmas decorating ideas

With the festive season fast approaching are you struggling for time to come up with outdoor Christmas decorating ideas? Now is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor areas ready to entertain and relax with family and friends at the end of a busy year.

Here are a few keys things you can easily do to prepare your outdoor spaces ready for summer and Christmas entertaining.

Easy Outdoor Christmas decorating ideas


If you are planning your Christmas entertaining outdoors you want to include plenty of seating options to cater for larger groups. A dining area with plenty of chairs as well as separate zones with extra casual seating provides you and your guests with a choice of places to come together or escape if the need arises. 

Investing in comfortable and durable outdoor furniture is a must if you like to spend time outdoors entertaining in the warmer months.


Having a large group together for Christmas celebrations can be stressful and overwhelming, making escaping to a relaxing garden location very appealing. Creating a cosy nook outdoors, even if space is limited can be as simple as a bench seat under a shady tree or garden umbrella, or having a few beanbags or large cushions tucked into a corner of the deck.

Add a few Christmas decorations or some fairy lights in these spaces to give them a festive feel.


Adding colour with décor items and furnishings can create a festive atmosphere to your gatherings. Carrying your indoor Christmas decorating theme into your outdoor areas provides a nice flow between these spaces. This can be as simple as theme coloured table runners, napkins and a few cushions or more traditional styling with Christmas decorations and festive lights placed around the main entertaining areas.

Statement pots and plants add personality and outdoor rugs help to separate different zones plus add a feel of luxury.


Fairy lights or string lights are the easiest way to add ambience and a party atmosphere to your outdoor spaces. Lanterns or candles on table settings provide nice mood lighting for evening gatherings.

Decorating pathways with lights create a bright, welcome for guests and guide them into your home.

Statement lighting can highlight feature trees or shrubs and is effective to draw people into these spaces. Wrapping your tree trunks and branches in fairy lights gives a whimsical feel.


A few simple jobs will have your garden looking like a relaxing
oasis making your guests never want to leave.

Start by weeding to showcase the plants you do have. Prune any
plants that are looking a little unruly. Mulching is vital to keep the weeds at
bay as well as helping to retain water in the soil. Then finish off with fertilising
your existing plants and they will spring back to life in no time. Fill any
gaps with a few new plants to add a pop of colour and rejuvenate the whole


An Aussie Christmas typically centres around the backyard
barbecue. If space allows and you are in need of a new barbie, outdoor kitchens
are a popular inclusion in entertaining areas. The key features of an outdoor cooking
area are adequate bench space, storage and refrigeration.

Give your existing barbecue a good clean, check you have enough
gas, and organise additional tables and drink buckets ready for entertaining.

For more outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for your home, Contact Luke – 0434 355 066 or on Facebook for a free quote to prepare your garden spaces ready for summer and Christmas entertaining.


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