Outdoor garden lighting can transform your external areas both in appeal and functionality. Landscape lighting is a great way to accent your landscaping by illuminating design features, contours of walls and plants, and it will add beauty, safety and security to all your outdoor areas.

Lighting is perfect for setting the mood of your outdoor garden areas and understanding the benefits of landscape lighting can help you choose the type of lighting that matches your space. The obvious advantage of landscape lighting is that it can visually extend your space as well as physically making more areas accessible at night.

Outdoor garden lighting can make architectural features of the home pop out and add a sense of drama to your landscaping. The correct garden lighting and fixtures can set the feel and function of your outdoor areas.

Solar garden lighting

 It is important to understand the basic types of landscape lighting to create a look that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. Outdoor lighting options can include path lights, post mount lights, deck and step lights, bollard lights, spotlights, floodlights and pool lights.

The range of landscape lighting options available will not only add security and functionality but also style to your outdoor living spaces.  Solar garden lighting is a popular choice, allowing low-cost running and the convenience of charging during the daylight hours and automatically switching on as the sun goes down. LED garden lights offer energy efficiency, are brighter and last longer making them a cost-effective garden lighting solution.

Here are some outdoor garden lighting ideas Fresh Perspective Landscapes have on how you can illuminate your landscaped areas:


Outdoor Path Lighting

Bollard Lights

Bollards light the surrounding ground and can be used on pathways, driveways and around pools. Bollard lighting is incredibly popular to embellish areas around the home. Sensor-activated models assist and welcome people entering your outdoor areas.

Path Lights

Path lights come in many styles such as lanterns, lamps, posts or as recessed or

paver lights. Recessed lights are installed in the edges of the walkway offering ambient light to access safely at night and softly highlight plants lining the pathway.

Path lights may be the most important lighting to install, as you want to be able to walk through your landscape at night safely. They are best placed next to pathways or in garden beds on either side.

They can also be used to accent certain plants or features whilst lighting the path.

Spike Lights

Spike lights are used most often for highlighting a focal point in the foreground while the background remains relatively dark. Spotlighting will create lovely shadows and define interesting architectural elements. These are also used for “Up Lighting” (illuminating from below) providing a contrast of light and shadow adding a sense of tranquillity and depth in your garden.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are basically garden spotlights that are mounted off the ground rather than having them spike into the ground.  Lighting from your walls can be used to spotlight onto a BBQ or dining area, out onto the lawn, or onto a pond or feature in the garden that will benefit from being lit from above.


Here are few tips that will help your garden come to life at night. Lighting up your plants the “right way” will provide a relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy after the sun has set.


Moonlighting is simply placing a light source high above your garden, so it can shine down through your plants or trees. The light passing through the garden foliage will create patterns and create a romantic aura.


Backlighting as the name suggests is placing the light source at a distance behind the plant. The light projected from behind the foliage creates an outline of the plant with the soft light illuminating around the edges giving a beautiful subtle appearance.


Spotlighting is a method which places a light source under a tall tree, positioning it in such a way that the leaves create wonderful subtle effects. This method works best with taller trees as the space below gives great contrast to the softly lit foliage above. 


Focusing requires placing a light source under the plant and positioning it upwards. Plants are illuminated from below and the light filters through the plant foliage throwing a subtle, muted glow in the garden.

Carefully designed outdoor lighting can improve and beautify any home and garden along with ensuring safety and security. 

Outdoor lighting ideas for decks

With the right expert advice and design, any outdoor living space can be transformed into an inviting area that can be utilised for entertaining all day and night creating a relaxed atmosphere. Solar garden lighting can be installed throughout your outdoor area providing a sophisticated landscape design without breaking the bank.

Follow these simple tips and you will see your garden in a different light at night! 

If you need any assistance with outdoor garden lighting, contact Luke 0434 355 066 or via Facebook for all your garden design needs. Our team at Fresh Perspective Landscapes are always ready to help with your garden and landscaping requirements.