The kid’s cubby house in the backyard is an iconic part of many of our childhood memories and continues to be a popular outdoor play equipment purchase. With our minds turning to the end of the year and children writing their Christmas wish lists to Santa; many families will find a cubby house features high up there with things that the kids would like. Cubby houses are every child’s dream present and they provide a space to encourage the kids outside, where they can play for hours encouraging imaginative and creative games to be invented.


There are so many options available when you are ready to purchase a kid’s cubby house and many factors to take into consideration, with the first and foremost being its safety features. Here are a few key points to consider that will help you make the right choice before taking the cubby house plunge.

Cubby House Safety and Protection

Ensuring you select a kid’s cubby house that is well built, made of sturdy materials and can resist the harsh demands of the outdoor environment is key to maximising your investment.

Consider how long you want your child to use the play equipment? Investing in a larger cubby house built from timber for example would allow cubby house use right through to teenage years when it could be converted into a retreat for them.

What height cubby are you after? Do you need to build on uneven ground and require an adjustable design? Are you wanting to add a slide or climbing frame to the structure? Will young children be able to easily access the height of the cubby? Initial planning will result in an investment that can be used for many years.

Suitable Place in your Outdoor Space

How much space do you have in your garden? Location of your cubby house is key to successful installation and will determine how much use it will get. For young kids, it should be placed in a garden or backyard that is secured so they can’t move out of site to unsafe areas. Your cubby should also be located in an easily accessible area with easy access to assist the children whilst playing. With very young children you will want to be outside with them while they play and join in with their fun and games whilst keeping them safe.


Maximising Usage

Making the most of your investment to ensure the kids are comfortable and excited to play in the cubby house year-round, you will want to make it an all-weather structure. It will need to have sufficient lighting in the surrounding area, suitable ventilation to keep it cool in summer and measures taken to protect against the winter elements. Having suitable ground cover surrounding the cubby structure will maintain safe and clean access all year round.

outdoor cubby house

Cubby houses can be incorporated into most outdoor spaces – you don’t need a huge area to make it work.  Having a kid’s cubby house will encourage outdoor, imaginative play, it will stimulate your child’s creativity as the cubby is one day a spaceship, the next a shop or café for tea parties with the toys! The variety of ways the cubby house can inspire and encourage positive outdoor play are only limited by your child’s imagination.

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