Home is where the heart is, but, also, it is the only place we have truly been welcome this year! For better or for worse.

woman reading book in backyard

Some of us have loved the extra time at home. For most, our home is our safe place. It’s our place to ‘be’.  But spending all this time at home, we have also been unable to hide from the nagging list of annoyances about the place. Maybe the basics were ticked off the list already: the weeding, the cleaning and tidying. But after spending all this time at home, you may have started to envision something more: A deck. A fire pit. A vegie garden or some fruit trees. Maybe you realised that the muddy path to the clothesline just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

But, it’s Spring. It’s warm. You’re still stuck at home! Now is the perfect time to focus on these nagging things and make it the home you need it to be. The one you want to come back to after a day dodging Social Distancing Outlaws. The one you can invite people over to proudly. The one your family can play in and revel in and build lifelong memories in.

Life has taught us so many things this year, let one of those things be to love your own space. It is something we have control over, so do with it what makes you happy.

Five reasons to upgrade your garden

When it comes to investing in our homes, the exterior is the area we often say we will come back to. Sometimes this is months but, for many, it is years. We focus on the inside, which certainly makes sense for everyday living, but there are reasons why your yard is worthy of your time and money too.

Here are five reasons for you to think about.

  1. The obvious one—an exterior that improves the look of your home is also an investment in its value. If you are looking to sell or refinance, consider the impact this makes.
  2. The Green Factor. Thoughtful placement of plants and decking can provide insulation for your home; reducing your energy bills and helping you to do your bit for reducing your carbon footprint.
  3. Designed yards, with secure retaining walls and plants appropriate to your yard’s environment, can reduce erosion and instability. Besides improving the function of your yard, this will also prevent ongoing damage, repairs, and avoidable mess further down the track.
  4. Mature plants are far more expensive. If you know the look you are after, make a start with younger and more affordable plants now—while you procrastinate about the rest! The sooner you plant the tree you want for shade or a hedge for privacy, the sooner you are going to enjoy the benefits.
  5. Investing in your yard can be an investment in your wellbeing. This is the big one that we tend to forget to credit.man reading book on deck

When you plant bulbs that see through the harshness of winter, they deliver beauty and joy come Spring. When you plant shrubs with foliage that give off fresh scents, they can make your brain unclench as you walk to your door after a hard day.  When you install a deck that you can share a meal on, you’ll spend more time with the people that you love. When you provide a space where kids can be kids, you feed fun into your days. These things create a face for your home, a face that welcomes you like a member of the family.

Most people love coming home. But coming home to a home that you love, is a gift you could have every day. And that is certainly worth considering.

Our team have the knowledge and experience to guide you if you need a hand. We love seeing families change their lives by simply changing their yards. Get in touch today.

Deborah O’Ferry is a blogger and women’s fiction author. If you want to sit in your garden reading, check out her novel 500 Miles at any online book store or follow her online at Facebook or Instagram.