Words by Deborah O’Ferry, Writer – We are so excited to introduce Deborah to the FPL team as a guest blogger – she brings us a unique and real-life perspective on outdoor living, the difference landscaping and outdoor dreaming can bring to a household. 


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You know that saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side?” Well, for me, the grass IS greener on the other side. Greener, flatter and actually consistent. My neighbour is pretty much a (self-confessed) compulsive Lawn Queen.

Our grass is green, sure. Five different shades of green, representing a broad variety of grass species, including the dominant, and very unwelcome, clover and bindi range. “One day,” we say, “we will get to that.”

The thing about the great outdoors, is that it has the potential to be not-so great, as much as it has the potential to be great.  A 7-year-old girl with a bindi in her foot…not great. The right weather, the right crowd (with shoes on) and being out in our yard is generally going to be… great.

It’s Spring, finally, and it’s the perfect time for outdoor living. But we don’t need to be dependent on the weather to embrace the world outside of Netflix. Adventures can be had year round, in your very own back yard with just a bit of planning. When we make space in our yard for imagination and function, our kids will make the space in their play for the yard, and that is magical. As is the reduction in the multi-syllable moan of “Can I have the iPad?” Winning!

So when I look out my kitchen window at my multi-greened and bindi infested grass, I do see potential.

I see an outdoor living area, with decking, fans and heaters. I see a fire pit, and I add marshmallows to the shopping list. I see a big beautiful tree, begging for fairy lights. I see a blank wall the kids can own – paint it, chalk it, hammer it. I see thriving vegies grow around my wilting basil. I see the kids collecting worms, checking our bulbs, running; smiling.  I see a corner of solitude where, one day, when I have time to buy the paper, I will sit and actually read the paper.  I see a hedge I don’t need to prune every Sunday when I’d rather be helping to build a retro, sheet-over-chairs style cubby house. I see our future and I see the birthplace of the golden moments we’ll look back on when the kids are older and call us lame.

Until all those pieces come falling into place, I do have the first two foundations accounted for: Land. My Family. A blessed place to start. But in the spirit of Spring, I think it’s time we take another step towards building our outdoor living oasis and creating that home we’ve dreamed up.

It’s time to make things greener on our side of the fence.


Deborah O’Ferry is a mum of two, who dreams even with a lack of sleep. She writes with hope that her honesty will let other parents smile and feel less alone in the battles they never saw coming when they signed up for the parenting gig. Deborah has been writing for a kids and parenting website called Kidabout.com and can be followed here at Deborah O’Ferry on Facebook.

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