Outdoor paving is a practical solution to cover those areas in your garden where a solid surface is required.  Whilst pavers are a robust solution when looking for a durable surface for high traffic areas, they still require regular care to maintain their looks and ensure longevity.  Pavers made of denser materials such as concrete, travertine and granite typically require the least maintenance as they’re less susceptible to mould growth and stain penetration. Paver maintenance of more porous materials such as sandstone, bluestone and some types of clay paving is required more regularly and involves more careful cleaning processes.

Once your outdoor pavers have been laid, here are a few tips to keeping them looking as new like the day they were put down:


Sealing Outdoor Pavers

Sealing pavers is your first line of defence as It creates an invisible barrier that helps protect against stains and makes moss easier to remove. To prolong the lifespan of your outdoor pavers, they should be sealed immediately after installation and then every one to three years, depending on sealant type used and foot traffic levels in that outdoor area.

Tip: Always check which sealants the paver manufacturer recommends are safe to use and do a spot test in an inconspicuous area to ensure they won’t damage the paver surface.

Cleaning Outdoor Pavers

Your outdoor pavers need a “settling in period” to firm up and set. It is then recommended to sweep only with a stiff outdoor brush or broom.

Once the pavers have settled they can be washed with a hose or gently with a high-pressure domestic cleaner (when water restrictions are not in place).

Tip: Frequent sweeping and occasional washing maintains the attractiveness of a paved area and reduces the effect of dirt, grime and stains from leaves and moss on the paver’s surface

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General Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Pavers

You want to protect your investment with paving areas generally being those frequently utilised outdoor spaces in our home, so regular maintenance is key to ensure they are long-lasting. Paving should be inspected on a quarterly basis, looking for loose, damaged or stained paving, and checking that any jointing material is intact. These few regular paver maintenance tips will make your job much easier.

  • Keep moss, weeds or algae from developing on the paved surfaces as these can discolour the pavers
  • Regularly sweep or clean the pavers with a stiff outdoor broom or garden blower
  • Occasionally pressure clean your pavers to remove stubborn dirt
  • Always maintain good drainage away from the paving & ensure your stormwater drains are clean & running water freely away from the paved area

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