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Ways to use sandstone blocks and pavers in the garden

Used for thousands of years for building, sandstone is one of the most durable and elegant materials around. This versatile material can be used in a number of ways to enhance your outdoor spaces with sandstone blocks used for retaining walls or garden edging and sandstone pavers make great statement floor areas or steppers in pathways.

For outdoor living areas, the warm tones of sandstone blend with natural and modern colours. They also contrast well with greenery, blending into the background and providing a good base for classic or modern garden design. A sandstone retaining wall is a real focal point in any garden setting and requires very little maintenance, making it a great choice.

Sandstone may be any colour, but the most common colours are tan, brown, yellow, red, grey, pink, white and black. This exciting range of colours is what makes sandstone such a visually beautiful product that can make a statement in any garden setting. Try these practical ways that Fresh Perspective Landscapes suggest to use sandstone in the garden.

Outdoor Paving

Sandstone pavers are ideal for outside areas as it is highly durable and has strong aesthetic appeal. It can withstand exposure to the elements and will last a lifetime. Sandstone needs little maintenance to retain its original condition and is easily cleaned with a quick hose with a high-pressure water spray.

Sandstone outdoor pavers can be used for courtyards, patios, or balconies, and to build garden walkways.

You can also create pathways in your garden with “crazy pavers,” which are pieces of stone cut and placed randomly to give your garden a less formal look.

Sandstone Garden Edging

Edging an area with sandstone creates a barrier between your lawn and landscaping, keeping grass and weeds from spreading into your mulch. Use a light-coloured sandstone to contrast between dark mulch or use a dark stone to blend in more naturally and add some texture to the area.

Sandstone Steps

Given the durability of sandstone, it’s a very suitable material for building steps. There are two basic styles: diamond sawn and natural. Diamond-sawn stone is smooth and polished or natural stone and has a rougher, edgier look. Whether steps are required for practical purposes of access or being used to add another dimension to outdoor courtyards, pergolas or other garden spaces, using sandstone steps creates a statement feature.

Sandstone Blocks – Walls and Cladding 

Sandstone walls also provide important practical services, like keeping soil erosion at bay. They are better than brick or blocks, and you are not in danger of termite’s destruction in the future.

Sandstone is a great material for cladding, from walls to fencing and even columns, this material is a durable option well suited to extended exposure to the elements.

Sandstone steps
Sandstone capping

Sandstone Capping

Sandstone capping adds a great look to a garden wall, pool surrounds, rendered block wall or steps. Using sandstone capping on a fence pillar or block wall gives a very sophisticated, polished look to complement your home’s architecture perfectly. Capping comes in a variety of styles and stone to match accompanying sandstone walls and structure

Garden Features

Sandstone pavers can be used to create attractive garden features. Some ideas include garden benches, capped and raised garden beds, wall fountains or water walls or even to build a barbecue. Sandstone can also be carved into sculptures and statues to compliment the garden landscape.

If you want to incorporate sandstone into your landscaping, whether you want to use sandstone blocks, pavers, garden edging or just want to feature sandstone into your landscape design, contact Luke 0434 355 066 or via Facebook 

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