Words by Deborah O’Ferry, Writer – we welcome back Deborah to the FPL team as a guest blogger – she brings us a unique and real-life perspective on outdoor living, the difference landscaping and outdoor dreaming can bring to a household. 


When I was about 7, Santa brought us a trampoline. I remember the photo. All of us kids, our presents and the dog, proudly posing on the trampoline. My new Avon belt secure and lop-sided around my midriff. Side pony-tail in place. I knew I loved it that day. That was undisputable. But even I had no idea the hours I’d dedicate to that thing.

santa pulling sack of presents trampoline fresh perspective landscapes landscape constructionWe did the sprinkler games in summer. Cover it in soap and slip around – the kind of antics that were no-doubt responsible for the introduction of the netted trampoline! We drew all over it in chalk. We dripped Zooper Doopers on it.

I jumped on our trampoline every day, until the mat gave out. I’m talking high school!

When we should have out-grown it, it’s versatilities actually grew with us. My sister sunbaked on it. I studied on it. Long phone calls were made on it.

A few years ago, Santa delivered another trampoline. This time to my own kids. We suspect he picked it up from K-Mart and possibly underestimated the level of use it would have and the years it would remain a hit. Santa can be a bit short-sighted sometimes!

My husband is tinkering with the idea of getting a new one (of course we’ll assure our kids the old one is just going to ‘get fixed’ if this day comes!).

But the problem is that I’d thought the only difference between an 80’s trampoline and a 2017 trampoline was the net. I was wrong.

There are options now. I can hear the Gen X’s scoffing already. But half-a-second later, it’d be hard to disagree that a built-in speaker would not be handy. You run the Trolls sound-track through that thing and one could properly mop the floor. Not with your foot and a paper towel, but a full scale clean!

There are trampoline’s with integrated jet sprays! I cannot deny that I want that.

little girl jumping on trampoline fresh perspective landscapes get outside and play landscape constructionThere are built-in trampolines, flush to the ground. Spring free. Netted. Round. Oval. Rectangle. Big. Small. Options for yards and families of all shapes and sizes.

There is just one fault.

One technicality that cannot be ignored.

The thing about trampolines is…they bounce.

All of them.

This is a harsh fact felt by mothers world-wide.

So while, my kids love their trampoline. And I love the trampoline. And I really love that my kids love the trampoline – and though I really want a trampoline with a built-in jet spray…I no longer feel the inclination to jump on said trampoline.

Watch? Yes.

Jump? No.

Explaining this to the kids is like telling them I don’t like lollies, chocolate or Disney! Their baffled little faces, with hair flipping all over their sweaty faces, just can’t comprehend the idea that jumping on a trampoline is not enticing to me.

So, I’ve lost the trampoline experience, and I chalk it up with a few other mum sacrifices. But while my kids haven’t, a trampoline remains the best thing Santa has ever delivered, and their joy can’t be lost on me.


Deborah O’Ferry is a mum of two, who dreams even with a lack of sleep. She writes with hope that her honesty will let other parents smile and feel less alone in the battles they never saw coming when they signed up for the parenting gig. Deborah has been writing for a kids and parenting website called Kidabout.com and can be followed here at Deborah O’Ferry on Facebook.


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