Injecting colour through garden decor in your outdoor area doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank. Colour can be achieved with a variety of sources – furniture, décor, garden art, paint, pots, tiles and of course – plants. Colour plays a huge role in creating atmosphere as well as in the appeal of your overall garden design. Here are 5 simple ways that you can add pops of colour to accentuate your outside areas.

Incorporate outdoor furniture

Seating areas and tables often serve as focal points in our outdoor area, which makes them great places to add colour. Cost-effective ways are to update existing furniture with a coat of paint in a modern shade, replace neutral cushions with eye-catching designs or inject a splash of colour to your garden decor by adding contrasting pillows to your existing seat cushions.

Bring in colourful pots

One of the easiest ways to create a more colourful outdoor area is to incorporate pots in various shades to complement your theme or go bold with striking colours to make a real statement. Pairing colourful containers with plants that have contrasting foliage, such as herbs and succulents, is another easy way to create vibrant interest in the landscape.

Add an outdoor rug

There are so many great outdoor carpet products available these days and this is a simple way to add interest at ground level by bringing in a rug. Consider designs in colour tones that will enhance your outdoor dining or seating areas or be brave and use bright colours or abstract prints to make a bold statement.


Use colourful garden décor

Colourful stepping stones, mosaic art, pottery and tiles are all forms of garden art that can easily incorporate colour into your outdoor garden areas. With outdoor kitchens becoming increasingly popular, having tiles available in many different colours and designs make them a fantastic way to add colour to these outdoor structures such as countertops or backsplashes or even for use in water features.

Decorate with colourful, flower-filled planters

Another simple and effective way to add colour to the outdoors is to incorporate flowering plants in containers. A group of flowering plants draws the eye toward an entry, and can also increase curb appeal. These portable miniature gardens add instant beauty to your landscape and they can easily be moved to other outdoor areas and changed out to suit the seasons. Hanging flower baskets add colour at a higher level and can be used to frame a view from a window.

Take a few minutes to walk through your outdoor area and try to see your garden design through a different set of eyes—you could ask a friend to help with this or look to have a professional landscape design created for larger landscape projects. You may discover new areas where with a little garden decor could add some colour – perhaps spaces for plants with dramatic year-round foliage that act as sculptures or add flowers amongst your vegetable garden (they not only add lovely colour but also attract pollinators).

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